The Body Analogy: Reframing Sustainability as a System for Greater Impact

Khandiz Joni, the artist behind the I AM IMPACT Project, has released a set of free slides that reframes sustainability as a relatable system. Drawing on the established Three Nested Dependiceis Model to demonstrate interdependence, the Body Analogy calls on the one that every human being on this Earth has a shared experience of. While the body has been used to represent Earth across many cultures and communities, it’s not been used to explain the three pillars of a resilient society like this before.

The slides are designed to humanise the collective local and global challenges we face and forge a way through to the people that don’t understand the importance of saving the Planet. Khandiz hopes that educators and consultants will use her slides to explain the interdepend systems of sustainability to any audience to inspire action at all levels of society and create meaningful change.

Download the resource today!

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You are welcome to use these slides for educational purposes under Creative Commons 4.0 licences. Simply put, please give attribution to the author on slides, and if used online, please provide a hyperlink back to this website.

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