Art is a universal language. It has the power to communicate what words often cannot.

I AM IMPACT is a collaborative creative project, bringing together storytellers and change-makers with a single-minded purpose of engaging global citizens in a way that moves them into transformational action.

I AM IMPACT explores the relationship between the human body and the Planet, as well as the vulnerability both experience when they are stripped of their protective components.

I AM IMPACT asks the viewer to take ownership of their daily decisions that impact environmental pressures, planetary boundaries and their social consequences, allowing them the choice of either making a positive impact or remaining part of the status quo.

We want the viewers to ask themselves:

What’s my impact?

By utilising art, technology and reliable data, our aim is to provide practical, accessible solutions to these questions, as well as provide clear information on the impact of inaction.

We are looking for creative collaborators as well as key sponsors and strategic partners to bring this vision to life. Click here to find out more.