Nitrogen & Phosphorus Cycle: Algal Bloom


Nitrogen and phosphorus runoff from human activities like agriculture and wastewater treatment are the primary drivers of algal blooms, which can suffocate marine life, create toxic conditions for people and animals, and disrupt local economies. But through promoting awareness and understanding of these vital ecosystems, we can help to protect them.

The I AM IMPACT Project: Algal Bloom “painting” by Khandiz Joni and Olivier Yoan, featuring actor Reece Pantry is more than just a pretty print – it’s a statement about the importance of protecting our environment. Hang it in your home or office as a reminder to take action to safeguard our planet’s precious resources.

100% of the profits from the print sale will go towards grassroots organisations campaigning for solutions against the effects and impacts of algal blooms on aquatic and human life and livelihoods.


The image is printed on Hahnemühle Hemp Eco Fine Art paper, made with 60% hemp fibres and 40% cotton linters – a leftover from the oil and textile industry, which gives it a natural look and feel, and reduces the environmental impact of the paper. The paper is also acid-free, ligning-free and OBA-free, making it perfect for long-term display. The print studio we use is carbon-neutral. Prints are produced on demand to reduce waste, and we use drop shipping to reduce the distance the print travels to reach you.

The shoot itself was done using only daylight, and all participants travelled to the studio using public transport. This ‘painting’ was one of three done on the same day.

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