Usually, I would attempt to achieve a project with a single collaborator, but this project feels different. I know that it requires many points of view (represented by working with different and varied collaborators) if it is to truly make an impression on the viewer.

In order to uphold the messaging of this project, all images, films and artworks will be produced in a way that doesn’t further exploit these critical environmental implications.

This can be achieved by using available light or working with low-energy lighting powered by renewable energy and allowing adequate time for planning. This will be criteria the image-maker will need to meet if they wish to engage in the project.

Initially, photography will take place in, around and near London, to limit CO2 emissions from travel.

The makeup/paint used to create the looks will be from ethically and sustainably sourced origins. I have committed to always using up any existing products before purchasing more.

Muses will be unclothed, to further explore the relationship between the body and the planet, and the vulnerability of both experience when they are stripped of their protective components.

All due consideration will be taken into the welfare and age appropriateness of the muses.

Many thanks for your consideration,


will be considered.,

Collaborators +
Strategic Partnerships

Image Makers

I am looking for photographers and filmmakers who are interested in telling powerful stories and are inspired to think outside the box to achieve the idea.

Creative Minds

Onset art directors and prop makers who are interested in collaborating on the project.

Agency creatives who feel they could assist in coming up with ideas that are in line with the themes of the project.

People Watchers

Casting directors or extroverts who are happy to talk to strangers about getting involved in the project.

Producers & Researchers

  • Organised or connected people who can make stuff happen, on time and on budget.
  • People who are skilled at researching and correlating relevant data to support the artworks.

Global Citizens

Any person of any age, race, size, religion or gender that would like to have their body turned into an artwork.


Scientists, researchers and data analysts who are willing to share the latest information on the climate emergency, food security,  water security, wildlife and biodiversity loss and social impacts.


Anyone who can assist in writing contracts to ensure all parties are fairly treated.

Creative Agencies

Any creative agencies who can donate time and talent to achieving the objectives of the project and getting the artworks seen.

Equipment Houses

Any gear and/or prop houses that can offer a discount or are happy to loan gear for I AM IMPACT shoots.

Product Sponsors

Donations in kind of makeup that can be used to paint with.

PR & Marketing

PR & marketing professionals willing to assist in gaining exposure for the project.


Website developers who can help present the artworks and the supporting data in the most engaging, interactive way.

App developers who could assist in developing an app for the project.


Charities and not-for-profit organisations who can share up-to-date information on the themes.

Sponsorship +
Financial support

I am looking for brands, trusts, foundations, organisations and individuals that share the values of the I AM IMPACT Project who would consider sponsoring an “artwork.”

This money would go towards covering the costs to produce the shoots, ensuring that everyone involved in creating an artwork gets paid a fair wage for their skill and expertise, we are able to offset any emissions – and help sustain the project itself.

Brands will be able to choose what theme they sponsor and will be free to use the selected artworks across any promotional or marketing channels.

The sponsored artworks will carry the name of the sponsoring brand, trust, foundation, organisation or individual in fine print at the bottom of the piece, but no large scale logos or product will be featured on the artworks.

All artworks will be available for sale through the website as prints and postcards, with 100% of the profits (after printing and shipping costs) of those sales going towards organisations working on the ground to mitigate the social and climate emergency.

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