A collaborative, public ‘exhibition’ that can be viewed by global citizens just going about their daily lives and an interactive website and app that provides up-to-date information about the current situations on the various themes the project is exploring – practical solutions and the real impacts of inaction.

Through collaboration, the idea itself has the ability to become much bigger than even I could envisage alone.

I’m interested in getting involved


1 – 3 Months

  • Complete artworks for all the themes that don’t yet have a visual.
  • Have pertinent information, data, statistics, impacts and actions completed for all finished artworks.
  • Secure funding to pay collaborators.
  • Start developing key partnerships to drive exposure for the project.

4 – 8 Months

  • Produce a second complete series of artworks – one for each theme.
  • Get the new interactive website live.
  • Start a crowd-funding campaign.
  • Start selling artworks.
I’d like to get involved with the project


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