Stratospheric Ozone Depletion: Recovery


The discovery of the ozone hole was a wake-up call for humanity. It showed us that our actions can have serious consequences for the environment. But it also showed us that we can make a difference when we work together to solve problems.

Actress and disability activist, Ruth Madeley, sits for this important painting highlighting that collective action and a unified will to take meaningful action can have a positive impact.



The image is printed on Hahnemühle Hemp Eco Fine Art paper, made with 60% hemp fibres and 40% cotton linters – a leftover from the oil and textile industry, which gives it a natural look and feel, and reduces the environmental impact of the paper. The paper is also acid-free, ligning-free and OBA-free, making it perfect for long-term display. The print studio we use is carbon-neutral. Prints are produced on demand to reduce waste, and we use drop shipping to reduce the distance the print travels to reach you.


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