Khandiz is a multidisciplinary artist, social entrepreneur and storyteller. She has been working predominantly as a hair and makeup artist for the past 20 years, across film, fashion and advertising. Khandiz has been working with conscious beauty brands for the past seven years and is an advocate for stronger social and environmental practices and narratives in the beauty industry.

She was named “One To Watch” by global trend forecasting company WGSN in 2017 and named as one of the “25 Who’s Who in Natural Beauty” in 2018.

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Joni moved to London in 2012, where her passion for sustainability led her to co-found Novel Beings, the first conscious creative exclusively agency in 2014 alongside sustainable stylist, Alice Wilby.

Comprised of hair & make-up artists, fashion, food and props stylists, Novel’s ‘conscious creatives’ all worked with a strong drive to use and promote sustainable and ethical fashion and beauty brands.​ While Novel is no longer a (traditional) artist agency, the core values and principles remain the same. Drawing on their combined 30 years experience, they work as a creative duo, think-tank, social advocates and activists – applying their #anovelapproach to the brands and causes that resonate with them most.

In 2013, Khandiz collaborated with photographer Rachell Smith to produce a public exhibition entitled ‘The Masks We Face’ which explored the psychology of faces we hide behind. 2016 saw Novel Beings present Fine Print; a series of installations giving life to the social and environmental narratives reflected in their work.

She has produced artwork and installations for the windows of Content Beauty and Wellbeing in Marylebone, London.

Khandiz is an alumnus of the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership and is now studying for her level 6 Diploma in Sustainable Business Management from IEMA.

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